The second vice commander is responsible for building an “I like my post because …” atmosphere in which Legionnaires have fun while doing the work of the Legion. The commander depends on the second vice commander to help run the programs that spice up meetings and attract attendance.

The social calendar should be filled months in advance with activities that will bring out the active members, as well as those who are just card-carrying Legionnaires. One of the second vice commander’s first duties should be to contact other veterans and civic groups to see that each patriotic holiday and observance receives the attention it deserves.

He or she will be concerned with the pageantry so closely associated with the Legion. The second vice commander may not be in charge of the color guard or firing squad, but must promote it. He or she might not be part of the initiation team, but should make sure one is functioning. In the pursuit of “justice,” the second vice commander is concerned with the welfare of all fellow veterans, and thus is interested in the work of the Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Committee. Likewise, the second vice will know how the Economic Committee is functioning.