The #45 was pulled off during the last drawing and was the WINNER, which paid $894. 


QOH Rule Change for ALL Queen of Hearts (aka “QOH”) Games going forward.  Due to the fact that when a QOH board is hit and a winner is paid out, the next board starts at $0.00 (like this one).  There is no actual incentive to buy a ticket just to have a chance to win your own money back.  So going forward,  The winner of this board (unfortunately) will be paid out minus $200.  That $200 will be used to SEED the next board.  For example, if you pick the winning number and you ticket is pulled revealing the Queen of Hearts card, and the jackpot was at $1055.  You will only be paid $855 and the next board starts with the $200.  That way, there is a reason for people to buy tickets for the next board, since there is a chance to win $200 right off the bat.


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