Next drawing is this Friday at 20:30 hours (8:30 pm). Rules for the Queen of Hearts Raffle

This is not the current board, just an example…

Playing the Queen of Hearts

  • Tickets are sold for $1.00 each.
  • You must choose a number on the board that isn’t already covered up by the ticket of a previous winner.
  • Write that number and your name (e.g. Grant #38) on the back of each ticket that you are turning back in to the bartender.
  • The drawing will be each Friday at 8:30 pm.
  • The bartender will spin the tumbler with all of the tickets, open the access door and allow a random patron to blindly pull a ticket from the tumbler.
  • The back of the ticket is read aloud in front of all patrons.
  • With any luck your name and number with be called.
  • The number on the board will be pealed back to the reveal the card underneath.
  • If it’s the Queen of Hearts, you win the Jackpot!!!


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