Situation: Since the initial head count of veterans on the physical wall onto this site, new vets were added and then the wall was reordered alphabetically before Grant could add them. So there are many new vets “missing” (not on mixed in with the ones already on the site.

Intent: In the spirit of POW/MIA, these vets that are “missing” must be found and identified with a Post-It note (with your name on it).

Objective: Your mission should you choose to accept it:

  1. Locate a picture on the physical wall.
  2. Enter the name into the search box labelled “ENTER VETERAN’S NAME”
  3. If the veteran is on the site already, they will be listed in the search results. If this happens, pick a different vet and repeat.
  4. If you typed the name in correctly and the vet doesn’t appear in the search results, then you have located an MIA vet. Write your name on a Post-It note and stick it to the vet you found.
  5. Grant will pay you the bounty of a drink of your choice from the bar.


  • One drink reward per MIA vet found. Twenty people can’t find the same MIA vet. But one person can find twenty MIA vets.
  • MIA status will be verified by Grant. Since you might be improperly searching on the site, due to the absence of instructions on how to search the site (Not your fault).


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