OV Fugitive Challenge

OV Fugitive Challenge – Version 1.0


The Fugitive avoids capture for a predetermined length of time. Basically hide and seek with SXSs

Challenge Points

In addition to the normal OV Points for a Official Trip, this challenge provides these extra points:.

  • If fugitive wins, +100 points to fugitive
  • If chase team wins, the team divides the 100 points
    • 2 chasers, +50 each
    • 3 chasers, +33 each
    • 4 chasers, +25 each


  • The Fugitive & Chase teams STAY ON THE TRAILS. The whole point of this is to spark more flamboyant trail riding. We’re all veterans that understand camouflage. We could all just make a new trail, throw a camo net over the SXS (or ATV) and wait it out. The world doesn’t need any more Loch Ness monster videos. “Oh look, he’s not over here either!”
  • Time Limit is dictated by the trails being used.
    • Needs to be long enough to cover the distance of the trails. For instance, If it would 90 minutes to make it to the far side of the trail system, then the time limit can’t just be an 60 minutes. The fugitive would never be caught just driving on the trail away from the start point.
    • Needs to be short enough to give other people a chance to be the fugitive in subsequent iterations of the challenge. If it’s winter time with only 4 to 5 hours of usable daylight on the trails, and there is 4 SXS playing, then each game would need to be about an hour to give everyone a chance.
  • Number of fugitives should be 1 for most challenges. However, for larger groups it’s feasible that it might be fun for more fugitives to be in play. They can separate also, creating more opportunities for Chasers to capture a fugitive. In this case, the scoring is individual. For example, with 2 fugitives, 1 may lose while the other runs the clock out and wins.
  • Maximum number of Chasers allowed is the number of available trails that are considered “In Bounds” MINUS ONE! (Max Chasers = Trails – 1). What counts as a trail? If the trail has an entrance and an exit, it counts as a trail. If it only has an entrance, but no exit (aka dead end), then it isn’t counted as a trail. Examples:
    • There are 4 trails possible, but it has a dead end trail to a waterfall and another dead end trail for a gravesite = 3 chasers (maximum)
    • There are 9 possible trails = 8 chasers (maximum)
  • Minimum number of Chasers is 2.


What counts as a “capture?”

  • Chaser ==> Fugitive <== Chaser
  • Chaser ==> Fugitive (stuck)
  • Chaser ==> Fugitive ==> DEAD END
  • Fugitive runs Out of Bounds or off of the trail.
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