OV Point System


The objective is to spark motivated and flamboyant offroading and to have more fun while simultaneously creating more entertaining video content for us and our online audience. Points are awarded for various actions during the trips. Whomever collects the most points wins.

Winning Point Awards

  • Per Trip. Winners for each trip are awarded.
  • Annually. Whomever has accumulated the most points from all of the trips on 31-Dec wins.

Win What?

Your name goes down in OV history. You are named the winner on this site, in the YouTube videos, etc. Plus you are authorized to display the OV Winner Badge (Design TBD)

Official TRIP

  • Points are ONLY awarded for TRIPS and CHALLENGES.
  • Points are per vehicle, not per person.
    • e.g. The Honda Talon is awarded points not the driver.
  • TRIP requires at least 3 vehicles.
    • Prevents husband and wife creating a trip and running up their points.
  • Points are reset per calendar year.
    • your points on January 1st are zero.

Points Awarded

  • Attending a Trip +1000
    • Showing up and departing the SP under your own power
    • Bringing a dead vehicle and getting towed doesn’t count
  • Hardcore +250
    • If you are the ONLY one to cross an obstacle even though ALL other vehicles attempted and failed.
    • Examples with 3 SXS.
      • AWARDED if one SXS makes it, both other SXS attempt and fail.
      • AWARDED if one SXS makes it, one SXS try and fail, one SXS takes the Pussy deduction.
      • NOT Awarded if one SXS makes it, both others don’t attempt because it’s stupid or dangerous. We’re not awarding points for that.
  • Recovery +25
    • If you pull someone out from being stuck, or otherwise immobile like a rollover, you get 25 points. Your vehicle needs to be attached to theirs via tow strap or winch cable.
    • Multiple 25 points can be awarded, if the recovery requires multiple attached vehicles to recover.

Points Deducted

  • Self-Recovery (Winching) -5
  • Mechanical Failure -5
    • Battery / electrical
    • CVT Belt
    • Flat tire / wheel
    • Overheating
    • Fluids
  • Pussy (going around or not trying) -10
    • If everyone else attempts an obstacle and you don’t.
    • Doesn’t apply to different vehicle type (e.g. If everyone else has a SXS and you brought an ATV and don’t attempt a river crossing, you don’t lose points. ).
    • Doesn’t apply if you are nursing an injured vehicle back to camp.
    • Doesn’t apply if multiple similar paths exist & the difficulty of both paths are relatively equal (e.g. everyone else chooses the left path and you just happened to go right to be different)
  • Being Recovered -25
    • If someone successfully pulls you out from being stuck, you pay them 25 points from your balance.
  • Turtle -100